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A high-level mastermind for women who are ready to show up powerfully online so they can grow their income + attract dream clients without the hustle.

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You envisioned 10am starts, 5K+ months and a stream of dream clients lining up to work with you…

And yet that seems like a very distant dream! What gives? You see people online doing just that, making it look easy. You know it’s possible for you but you still feel stuck.

Which is why I set up Website, Marketing & Mindset Mastery!

To give you the training + accountability you need to become the ultimate money manifestor and dream client attractor without burning yourself out or struggling on your own.

Over the past 3 years I’ve built a business I love. I get up and work whenever I want, my clients are a dream and I’ve made more money than ever before...

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. I use to hustle day and night. I was lucky to squeeze in an hour to spend with my cats boyfriend. I burnt out bad and developed fibromyalgia. The hustle couldn’t continue!

I started taking my website and marketing seriously, and slowly but surely I attracted dream clients. And once I prioritised mindset, my business growth sped up even more. Calling in more money and dream clients whilst working less became easy!

With my powerful online presence and rock solid mindset, I turned around 16 hour days, toxic clients and £300 months into the business of my dreams.

And in this group, I show you how to do the same.

End the hustle!

Raise your income, attract dream clients… and do it all whilst building the business you love.

In this group I teach you all my website and marketing tips so you can create a powerful online presence that attracts and converts your dream clients. I also dive deep into all my mindset tricks so you can attract more abundance and build a business you love on your own terms.

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What's inside?


Transformational Trainings

PACKED OUT with invaluable knowledge to help you achieve your business goals.


Support + Mentorship

A space for you to ask questions and get the help you need. Say goodbye to struggling on your own.


Accountability mastermind

Get shit done! Every month we jump on Zoom and get those motivating vibes flowing.


Extra goodies!

Any future summits, courses, programmes etc I create, you’ll get for free or at a discount.

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Perfect for you if...

  • You want to raise your rates, end the feast and famine cycle and have more money in your bank account.
  • You want to work with more dream clients. Those that pay up front + in full, respect your boundaries and feel SOO exciting to work with.
  • You want working on your business to feel fun, exciting and easy. You want to drop the work that feels heavy and gross (like posting 10x a day or sending DM’s hoping for the sale).
  • You’re done hunting for clients and money. You want them to come to you!
  • You want to work when it feels good and rest when you need to without the pressure/guilt of feeling like you have to do more.
  • You want to drop the hustle and spend time with family, friends, hobbies, netflix…
  • It's time to end the hustle and build a biz on your own terms!

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